When I surfed on the internet I found a great website, it’s helping you to make your own unique phone case design
at GoCustomized want to present you the possibility to make your personal cellphone case in a quick and simple way. We want to permit you to create a private and unique smartphone layout.
within the following article we want to reveal you ways you can create your custom cell phone cases.

First Step : CHOOSE YOUR Case Type and your phone modele

This website gives you a large choice of case type and you find all models of phones
different types of cases is avalaible: hard cases, soft cases, leather cases, wallet cases, tough cases, and wooden cases.
they all make sure that your normal associate might be blanketed from scratches and bumps.
you will recive a perfect phone case with your custom design and also a phone case which protects your phone permanently.

In the beginning choose a color


Before you start to make a custom phone case, you star by choosing which  color you like to have your case, you only need to scroll through the gallery and choose the color palettes you like to have in your phone case. by this way you get a unique custom phone case.


Now this step is very important for the creation your custom phone case: choose picture from your PC and upload it(personal photo, own design, natural picture…) or drawing without delay out of your computer howeve

r additionally from Instagram and fb. besides choosing your personal picture, you can

additionally choose one in all GoCustomized designs.
Please hold in thoughts:to get the better the result you must upload the higher quality of the photo!
We therefore advise you a way to create your custom smartphone case step 2to make certain the photo you add is as large as possible (up to 10MB) and is a PNG, JPEG or GIF format.
In our consumer-friendly customiser you can enlarge or lessen, rotate and shift your photo. in this manner you can make sure that your case will appearance exactly as you imagined.

STEP 3: choose A layout

After uploading your photographyou may additionally select a format.
This offers you the how to create your custom phone case step 3opportunity to vicinity numerous pictures in a particularmanner and therefore more opportunities to make your own cellphone case.


When you finish to make your own phone case, it’s very easy and quick to make a text effect using different fonts and color.
for example, you can add an important quote or date. This makes your custom phone case even greater prices.
To alternate your text, click on the textual content block for your layout and edit it until you’re completely glad.

At The last

If you like your work and you feel ready to make order, earlier than setting your order make sure everything is positioned efficaciously and you’re happy along with your customcellphone case.

Now that you are done designing your custom phone case, you can officially order it!

begin now and make your very own phone case at GoCustomized!